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Our vision: Even better lives through sustainable regional development

Great South, Southland Regional Development Agency

Great South was established as the Southland Regional Development Agency in March 2019. Committed to driving economic, social and cultural growth, Great South has a clear mandate to leverage opportunities for Southland in the areas of economic and business development, tourism and events.

This involves managing Southland’s regional tourism organisations and central government’s Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network, as well as delivering a range of events, regional initiatives, and government-funded contracts that pave the way for regional development.

Our priorities

Regional Development Leadership
Great South provides leadership for the region by facilitating the implementation of the Beyond 2025 Southland Long Term Plan and through advocacy, writing submissions and representing Murihiku Southland nationally

Business support and diversification
Great South supports the growth of the business sector in Murihiku Southland and investigates and aids opportunities to diversify the economy. We also support the attraction and retention of a skilled workforce to our region to support new and existing industries.

Regional promotion
Great South promotes Murihiku Southland as a great place to live, work and visit and in doing so supports the attraction of tourists whose values align with ours.

Net Zero Southland
Great South works with businesses across Murihiku Southland to address carbon emissions, and facilitates and supports them in making reductions, as the region heads towards being carbon neutral by 2050.

What we value

We see ourselves as guardians of this place and are serious about our responsibility to protect our home for future generations. We are committed to ensuring our people and place continue to thrive.

At the core of every successful region, you will find people who passionately contribute to the growth of the place they call home. Murihiku Southland is no different. We are proud of where we come from and are excited to play a part in helping our region achieve its potential.

Our natural environment is unique, attracting people from all over the world. We’re realistic about our future and know that adopting a sustainable approach, from both an environmental and longevity perspective, is fundamental for the future success of this region.

We have a long and rich history. It is this history that has led us to where we are today and, as we move forward, we will continue to recognise and pay respect to our heritage and the journey we have taken so far.

We embrace the region’s strong entrepreneurial spirit where, if you can dream it, you can do it. We’re not about the flashy stuff, we’re real, down to earth, and committed to making great things happen.

We focus on doing a smaller number of things well, rather than spreading ourselves too thinly. The nature of our involvement may vary across different regional initiatives, but we will at all times be committed to the development of the place we call home.

We know that it is only with the support of our communities that we will achieve our ambitious goals. We’re committed to working together to develop a vibrant, diverse and thriving region and to providing our communities with a strong foundation for the future.

We are committed to working with our shareholders to instil in them a confidence in both Great South and the future of this region. Together, we’ll make great things happen for Murihiku Southland.  

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