Community views being sought on future of tourism

Community views being sought on future of tourism

Murihiku Southland residents are being asked for their views about tourism to ensure future development meets community needs.

Independent research company Angus & Associates is working with Great South to get the opinions of as many people in the region as possible, by way of a community survey.

Great South Destination Development Manager Amie Young said tourism encompassed many things people might not initially think of.

"It could be visiting friends and whānau, business travellers, tour groups, people visiting for events, cruise passengers as well as holiday makers, so there are quite a lot of things to consider."

With Murihiku being such a diverse and geographically spread region there were bound to be quite different thoughts about tourism in different areas, Ms Young said.

“The opportunity exists for tourism to not only provide economic benefit, but to enrich our communities and help protect our environment.”

Tourism could only thrive with the support of the community and there was opportunity now to ensure its future direction was in line with community thinking, Ms Young said.

The information gained from the survey will feed into a review of the Southland Murihiku Destination Strategy that is currently underway.

The survey is open to Southlanders aged 15 years or over.

To take part in the survey please register at the following link: angus& and the survey will be sent to you when it opens in mid-November.

Everyone who completes the survey by the closing date will be entered in a draw to win one of two $500 Prezzy cards.

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